Rug Identification

As rug cleaners, we get asked all kinds of questions:

How old is my rug?
Where did it come from?
How much is it worth?

When you choose to get your rug cleaned or repaired at Rug Joy, we can find those answers.

We will take all of our years of expertise, training and knowledge and begin our journey to identify your rugs.

We utilize rug identification tools, do fiber testing. We scour different reputable auction sites to get you the most reliable information.
All this is included in the cost of cleaning or repairing your rug.

However, if you want a printed catalogue of your rugs like pictured above that will cost a small nominal fee.

**Please not that this is not an appraisal but a comparison of actual selling price of rugs of the same design, origin, age and that have sold at auction.